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We are on week 11 of our study in the book of John and we’re continuing with Chapter 9.

In the last chapter we saw Jesus have a discussion with the religious scholars about what salvation means, he’d dealt with their attitudes about them breaking the law but Jesus didn’t use any words at all! The actions he made spoke louder than any words that could have been said. Here in chapter 9 we see again, Jesus’ actions speak louder than words!


John 9 (TPT)

Jesus Healed a Man Born Blind

Afterward, as Jesus walked down the street, he noticed a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, “Teacher, whose sin caused this guy’s blindness, his own, or the sin of his parents?”

Jesus answered, “Neither. It happened to him so that you could watch him experience God’s miracle. While I am with you, it is daytime and we must do the works of God who sent me while the light shines. For there is coming a dark night when no one will be able to work.[a] As long as I am with you my life is the light that pierces the world’s darkness.”


Then Jesus spat on the ground and made some clay with his saliva.[b]Then he anointed the blind man’s eyes with the clay. And he said to the blind man, “Now go and wash the clay from your eyes in the ritual pool of Siloam.”[c] So he went and washed his face and as he came back, he could see for the first time in his life![d]


This caused quite a stir among the people of the neighbourhood, for they noticed the blind beggar was now seeing! They began to say to one another, “Isn’t this the blind man who once sat and begged?” Some said, “No, it can’t be him!” Others said, “But it looks just like him—it has to be him!” All the while the man kept insisting, “I’m the man who was blind!”

10 Finally, they asked him, “What has happened to you?”

11 He replied, “I met the man named Jesus! He rubbed clay on my eyes and said, ‘Go to the pool named Siloam and wash.’ So I went and while I was washing the clay from my eyes I began to see for the very first time ever!”[e]

12 So the people of the neighborhood inquired, “Where is this man?”

“I have no idea.” the man replied.

13 So the people marched him over to the Pharisees to speak with them. 14 They were concerned because the miracle Jesus performed by making clay with his saliva and anointing the man’s eyes happened on a Sabbath day, a day that no one was allowed to “work.”

15 Then the Pharisees asked the man, “How did you have your sight restored?”

He replied, “A man anointed my eyes with clay, then I washed, and now I can see for the first time in my life!”

16 Then an argument broke out among the Pharisees over the healing of the blind man on the Sabbath. Some said, “This man who performed this healing is clearly not from God! He doesn’t even observe the Sabbath!” Others said, “If Jesus is just an ordinary sinner,[f] how could he perform a miracle like that?”

17 This prompted them to turn on the man healed of blindness, putting him on the spot in front of them all, demanding an answer. They asked, “Who do you say he is—this man who opened your blind eyes?”

“He’s a prophet of God!” the man replied.

18 Still refusing to believe that the man had been healed and was truly blind from birth, the Jewish leaders called for the man’s parents to be brought to them.

19–20 So they asked his parents, “Is this your son?”

“Yes,” they answered.

“Was he really born blind?”

“Yes, he was,” they replied.

So they pressed his parents to answer, “Then how is it that he’s now seeing?”

21 “We have no idea,” they answered. “We don’t know what happened to our son. Ask him, he’s a mature adult. He can speak for himself.” 22 (Now the parents were obviously intimidated by the Jewish religious leaders, for they had already announced to the people that if anyone publicly confessed Jesus as the Messiah, they would be excommunicated. 23 That’s why they told them, “Ask him, he’s a mature adult. He can speak for himself.”)

24 So once again they summoned the man who was healed of blindness and said to him, “Swear to God to tell us the truth![g] We know the man who healed you is a sinful man! Do you agree?”

25 The healed man replied, “I have no idea what kind of man he is. All I know is that I was blind and now I can see for the first time in my life!”

26 “But what did he do to you?” they asked. “How did he heal you?”

27 The man responded, “I told you once and you didn’t listen to me. Why do you make me repeat it? Are you wanting to be his followers too?”

28 This angered the Jewish leaders. They heaped insults on him, “We can tell you are one of his followers—now we know it! We are true followers of Moses, 29 for we know that God spoke to Moses directly. But as for this one, we don’t know where he’s coming from!”

30 “Well, what a surprise this is!” the man said. “You don’t even know where he comes from, but he healed my eyes and now I can see! 31 We know that God doesn’t listen to sinners, but only to godly people who do his will. 32 Yet who has ever heard of a man born blind that was healed and given back his eyesight? 33 I tell you, if this man isn’t from God, he wouldn’t be able to heal me like he has!”

34 Some of the Jewish leaders were enraged and said, “Just who do you think you are to lecture us! You were born a blind, filthy sinner!” So they threw the man out in the street.

35 When Jesus learned they had thrown him out, he went to find him and said to him, “Do you believe in the Son of God?”[h]

36 The man whose blind eyes were healed answered, “Who is he, Master? Tell me so that I can place all my faith in him.”

37 Jesus replied, “You’re looking right at him. He’s speaking with you. It’s me, the one in front of you now.”

38 Then the man threw himself at his feet and worshiped Jesus and said, “Lord, I believe in you!”[i]

39 And Jesus said, “I have come to judge those who think they see and make them blind. And for those who are blind, I have come to make them see.”

40 Some of the Pharisees were standing nearby and overheard these words. They interrupted Jesus and said, “You mean to tell us that we are blind?”

41 Jesus told them, “If you would acknowledge your blindness, then your sin would be removed. But now that you claim to see, your sin remains with you!”[j]


I love how this book of John is filled with so many pictures. We see Jesus here, mixing spit and clay to heal this blind man. This is the saliva that comes from the mouth of a man who is actually God Himself! It can be interpreted as a picture of the word of God coming directly from his mouth. The Bible is our healing, our strength and the living breathing word of God. The clay represents man and as we know, he is our potter. We allow (sometimes) him to mould and shape us into the image he predestined us for.

What I find really lovely in this story is that the spit that Jesus uses has also been the tool of the enemy throughout tis blind man’s life. Around this time in history, people believed that blindness was a curse and we see the disciples ask Jesus about that too. This man would be used to being rejected by people because of this and was probably quite used to the sound of people spitting at him as they would walk by, as he sat and begged. 

But this day was different! Jesus came so that we might be free from fear, whatever that fear looks like he came to break the chains and he was using the very tool the enemy used to make this man feel rejected….His spit! This would be the last time that this poor man would ever associate spitting with a root of rejection.

I love how Jesus uses all things for our good, those fears imbedded in us he pulls them out gently and subtly, showing us how they can be used for good. We slowly but surely open our eyes to see a different perspective and we begin to understand how we’ve lived with that curse all of our lives but actually we can take that pain and suffering and use it for the glory of Jesus. What a beautiful saviour we serve! 

What fear could Jesus be gently tugging at in you?

For me it’s the fear of rejection. 

Jesus taught in the last chapter that he is light of the world, and here as I said at the beginning of the blog we see him putting actions to those words. This poor man has lived his whole life in darkness, which also represents mankind. Here we have Christ whom through his birth has become a man, a man of clay, giving a beautiful picturesque image of how the world will receive light. 

Jesus rubs the clay onto the blind mans eyes and then tells him to go and wash in the pool of solam which is when his sight is restored. In the same way, we are clay and when we are washed by the water of His word our spiritual sight is restored.

Where are you blind today? Ask Jesus for your sight to be restored.

In verse 38 the blind man throws himself at Jesus’ feet and say’s “Lord I believe in you!”

Let us think about that for a minute. He had been blind all of his life, he had never been able to read the scriptures, yet he had faith in Jesus. Again, more evidence to suggest that the traditions and superficial knowledge of this day had a blinding effect on the religious leaders of the day. Many of them refused to believe and It’s true today too, many have great knowledge of the Bible, but do they really have a deep rooted belief, do they have faith in our saviour or are they intelligent?

What do you need to do today to allow the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of your heart? 

This miracle is proof of God being with us:

Isaiah 35:4 The Message (MSG)

3-4 Energize the limp hands,
    strengthen the rubbery knees.
Tell fearful souls,
    “Courage! Take heart!
God is here, right here,
    on his way to put things right
And redress all wrongs.
    He’s on his way! He’ll save you!”

6 R'S

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We believe that the word of God is powerful and life changing. When the word of God is applied to your life, you will be renewed!

2 thoughts on “Open the eyes to my heart

  1. Blessed study! I am learning more through these studies and I praise God for you, ladies. I hummed along to Michael W. Smith’s song of the same title as this study as I read.


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